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Cult Favorite makes obsessive content and experimental products for home cooks.

The Pitch

We’re fanatical about food and learning what makes it amazing, so like any good zealots, we started a cult. But this cult isn’t for everyone — it’s opinionated and weird and built around the premise that the things we eat every day are worth obsessing over.

The thing is... cooking doesn’t have to be a chore that requires you to squeeze in a “Quick and Easy X”, “Last Minute Y”, or “Weeknight Z” just to fill some bellies. It can be fulfilling and social and explorative in a way that food media often overlooks in order to reach advertising goals.

Well, joke’s on them, we’re not gonna publish a recipe just to slap a mattress ad on it; instead we’ll just give you the best damned tools, recipes, and ingredients to ensure your cooking is worthy of worship.

The Team


Bryn’s an ex-line cook who bailed on culinary school to become a software designer. Leaning into his obsession with eating everything within reach and exploring culinary science and history, he spun up a little YouTube channel called “Kitchenomicon” to share with others so all of that work wouldn‘t go to waste.


Sarah took the bones of Kitchenomicon and made Cult Favorite actually work: expanding our cooking repertoire and introducing the process and logistical know-how that enabled us to dive into food production.

When she’s not in the kitchen, she’s out in her garden or managing her flock of chickens, prepping the next generation of ingredients.