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Developing a Perfect Ice Cream

Ice cream is kind of logically simple when you first think about it. I mean, the main ingredients are right in the title. There's cream, and you've gotta freeze it.

And... originally, that's basically all it was. But, I for one am glad that we as a global community decided that frozen butter just wasn't good enough, because modern ice cream is fucking incredible.

If there's a category of food that can get pretty complex, desserts would be it, but even the most over-engineered ice creams aren't *that* complex and yet, the result is consistently greater than the sum of its parts. Even bad ice cream is better than the best pie (Editor's note: The only good pie is pizza. Or ice cream pie.).

So, how does this culinary Voltron work? What makes it the world's greatest dessert? We're going to dig into the three key ingredients to find out: fat, sugar, and stabilizers.

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